atelier allure

Perfect craftsmanship is sole prerequisite for the jewelry maker to sound out and carefully introduce the essence of a material, down to its very molecular depths so that it takes center stage.

The intangible added value to the art comes with the continued refinement of an already precious material. The respective auras of precious metals like gold and platinum, but also of revolutionary new alloys such as black Niellium are as distinctive as the wearer of the jewelry. To capture the multifaceted characteristics of a material, but also of a person, and to imbue them into a masterly gem is the art of ATELIER ALLURE.

From concept, to finished design, to the formation of the piece itself, each step originates from a single hand. Through its form and shape, the material itself beings to speak.

Using traditional manufacturing techniques in combination with fully original technologies developed by ATELIER ALLURE, valuable raw materials like precious stones, metals or even unconventional materials like specialized concrete are refined into contemporary yet pleasantly timeless creations.

Another focus of the label consists in returning to jewelry a certain meaning most recently found in the renaissance: a refined forging practice that transforms sumptuous materials into the coequal stars of an ordered system that includes the traditional art forms of music, poetry, painting, and sculpture.

This further includes the dialogue, largely overlooked for centuries, between the individuality of the jewelry-wearer on the one hand and the aura and possibilities of the jewelry piece on the other. ATELIER ALLURE is in the position not only to anticipate and define the individual wishes of jewelry lovers, but even more to precisely make come true.

In this way Thomas Hauser’s approach is an alchemic one: to combine materials, manipulate them, to play with them, exhaust their idiosyncrasies and to consciously accentuate, to draw on the depths until an emotionally arresting object of jewelry emerges, one much greater than the sum of its parts: a fascinating object whose originality discloses itself not only on the first glance but also on the second.

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